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Video Tutorial – Memory Pattern Scanning

This is my video tutorial on scanning memory patterns to find addresses in memory that change during recompilation.

Click here for the tutorial!

The pattern scanning function:

bool bDataCompare(const BYTE* pData, const BYTE* bMask, const char* szMask)
		if(*szMask=='x' && *pData!=*bMask )
			return false;
	return (*szMask) == NULL;
DWORD dwFindPattern(DWORD dwAddress,DWORD dwLen, BYTE *bMask, char * szMask) {
	for(DWORD i=0;i<dwLen;i++)
		if( bDataCompare( (BYTE*)( dwAddress+i ),bMask,szMask) )
			return (DWORD)(dwAddress+i);
	return NULL;

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