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  1. Hey is there anyway you could release the source for this? I would like to update the DLL so you can hook the process by ID and not the running executable name in task manager.

    Thanks a ton!

    1. Give me your E-Mail and I send it to you…I think this version is ancient anyway and I already added the feature you described xD

  2. Just want to include VAMemory to my project, don’t want to use any dll.I got ReadWriteMemory class, but it works not so nice like VAMemory, and sure i will include in my Readme that i use VAMemory.

  3. Hello! I tried to make my own trainer but got an error “NullReferenceException”.
    How do I make it work?

    Here’s a bit of code:
    VAM = new VAMemory (“pockettanks”);
    long adrBase;
    long adrAddition;
    long adr;
    adrBase = Int32.Parse ((Convert.ToString (VAM.getBaseAddress))); // Error here
    adrAddition = 119964;
    adr = adrBase + adrAddition;
    VAM.WriteInt32 ((IntPtr) adr, Int32.Parse ((Convert.ToString (VAM.ReadInt32 ((IntPtr) adr) + 1000))));


    1. Well there are a few things that hurt my eye…

      VAMemory VAM = new VAMemory(“pockettanks”);
      int baseaddr = (int)VAM.getBaseAddress;
      int addr = baseaddr + 119964;
      VAM.WriteInt32((IntPtr)addr, VAM.ReadInt32((IntPtr)addr) + 1000);

  4. Hey, got question to this library/class.

    I need solution to handle scenario with 2 processes same name, so i can’t point direct process (e.g by PID).
    Is the chance to get a library code and implement another constructor on my own?

    Another case, CheatEngine provide feature to lock value on adress to fixed value. Is this functionality posiible anyhow with your tool, or just re-writting it with time interval?

    Thanks in advance for reply.

    1. Hey,

      this VAMemory implementation does not have a different way to detect a process. However, that is why I started to write a different project a long time ago called VAndalize. I cannot even recall if I even finished it but for your purposes it should work.


      Sample code:
      VAMemory.ProcessInformationTable PIT = new VAMemory.ProcessInformationTable(@”Jedi Knight®: Jedi Academy”, “jasp.exe”, 1337);

      VAMemory.SettingTable ST = new VAMemory.SettingTable(false, true, false);

      VAM = new VAMemory(PIT,ST,VAMemory.ProcessDetectionMethods.No_Preference);

      Some stuff should be documented otherwise just ask me.

      For your second problem: CheatEngine when freezing a value does nothing else than to use a timer to rewrite the value every few ms or so. However, there is a much nicer way of freezing a value but that requires changing the assembly code. I have some tutorials on this site about that.

  5. Hey I have been trying working with pointers and had it write to the wrong address. for EG it’s supposed to go like “module.dll”+0x1111, offset is for eg F4.
    what I did was int address = (int)Baseaddress_of_mudule.dll+0x1111
    address = address + offset.
    VAM.WriteInt32((IntPtr)address, 1000);
    and it was writing to a wrong address.
    any idea how to fix it?

    Kind Regards


  6. Hello, I can not find the process, always returns the message “Process not found”, what do I do? Here is the code

    using System;
    using System.Collections.Generic;
    using System.ComponentModel;
    using System.Data;
    using System.Drawing;
    using System.Linq;
    using System.Text;
    using System.Threading.Tasks;
    using System.Windows.Forms;

    namespace Hacker_CSGO
    public partial class Form1 : Form
    VAMemory vam;

    public Form1()

    private void btnMudaValor_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    vam = new VAMemory(“csgo”);
    vam.WriteByte((IntPtr) 0x2D088314, byte.Parse(txtValor.Text));

  7. Hey, great job very usefull. Can you send me classfile by email (for personnal use only) ? because im gonna make a trainer and i wanted to modify/add somethings in the source code of this class.

  8. Could you please send me the source because I don’t want to include .dll files in my project?
    (promettheuss@gmail.com) thanks in advance.

  9. Could you send me the source of VAMemory so I dont need the dll. It would help alot becuase I wouldnt have to worry about anti-cheat detection that much. I will also include that I used VAMemory in my readme.

    You should be able to see my email.

  10. How would one go about making their own private Read and write memory process. (CSGO has detected vamemory) Can you send me the source to the newest version of VAMemory to my email. Thanks!

  11. Would you mind if I could get the source for the VAM dll as my anti virus removes it before I could use it sadly… this is a drag!!!!!!

    Also I would add some changes to it should I find it necessary.

    Thanks in advance!

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