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How to fix: “You are logged in from a region we do not allow someone to play from.”

"You are logged in from a region we do not allow someone to play from."

If you look at the log files you can see, after you start the Launcher it will download an update in the background. Patience is a virtue.

01111241954 ERROR  ManifestComplete:patcher/
201111241954 INFO   Manifest: patcher, current=-1/upcoming=-1/required=23
201111241954 INFO   ManifestState=Download: patcher, current=-1/upcoming=-1/required=23
201111241954 INFO   Download:
201111241954 INFO   Download:

So just be patient, the launcher will restart automatically to finish the update. This is all being done in background so you won't notice anything. You can check the log files for updates.

  1. Go into your C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic
  2. Delete patcher.version
  3. Delete launcher.settings
  4. Open launcher.exe and wait until it restarts. Check the log files for more information!

Enjoy :)

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  1. I can confirm this works :)

  2. so about 44 mb the folder should be when the “launcher” is patched and ready for download the game?

    • Just wait a few minutes, you might notice that it restarts automatically. If you don’t, the original launcher went gray after a few seconds, the new launcher keeps it color.

  3. Well been letting it sit since for 40 min the folder was up to 50mb without launcher working, redownloaded it and reinstalled it and its now downloading the game at 25mb/s :)

  4. Yeah, well not until tomorrow, 5pm CET +1

  5. worked for me. thanks

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