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South Park: Coon 2: Hindsight – Secret Identities Clarification

After today's episode (S14E12 "Mysterion Rises") this list is no longer valid. Click here for the new list!


Coon: Cartman
Toolshed: Stan
Iron Maiden: Timmy
Tupperware: Token


Human Kite: Bradley
Mintberry Crunch: Kenny
Mosquito: Kyle
Mysterion: Clyde

Mysterion: Clyde
Episode: Coon (S13E02)

Mosquito: Kyle

- leading role in the episode
- he is the one confronting Cartman, as he always does

Mintberry Crunch: Kenny

- he is the only one drinking water
- blond hair
- he helps Kyle as he's being attacked, this would probably be one of his close friends
- his tone of voice is similar to Kenny's in the movie

Human Kite: Bradley

- he doesn't say much and is a minor role, just like Bradley has always been
- his voice matches pretty well to Bradley's voice in S09E09

by RobKing

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  1. I don’t think Mintberry Crunch is Kenny. The hair isn’t right if you look at the few times they’ve shown kenny’s hair. Therefore the logical conclusion is that Mintberry crunch is Bradley. Other than that, I’m not sure. Though the mosquito being Kyle was also what i was thinking..

  2. watching tonights ep. kyle is kiteman, kenny is mysterion, butters is mintberry crunch, clyde is mosquito, stan is toolman, token is tupperware

  3. my bad. bradley is mintberry. forgot butters was chaos

  4. After watching the new episode, we got everyone wrong :P

  5. You are all stupid bradley is mintberry kyle is kiteman kenny is mysterion clyde is mosquito stan is toolshed and token is tupperware

  6. The only stupid person here is you because obviously you cannot read.

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