How to: Behringer FCB1010 Expression Pedals not Working even after Calibration

First of all you should try to calibrate your Expression Pedals. Already during calibration I noticed, that my Expression Pedals barely changed or did not change the values at all for about 40% of the way. So then I tried a suggestion by orb451 and checked the sensor and the corresponding LED. To do that you need to follow these simple steps. Notice: I do not take any responsibility for any damage at all.


1. We need to open up our Board by unscrewing these 16 screws. Notice that some are longer than others, just keep that

Beautymine – Update 4

Map conversion is now fully finished and I am able to load draw Minecraft chunks. Though the term “Bautymine” is pretty much exaggerated at this point, the terrain is very ugly.



How to: VW RCD 200 MP3 CD Standart

Dieses Gerät ist sehr wählerich wenn es darum geht, MP3 CDs zu lesen. Daher muss folgender Standart eingehalten werden (in Nero kann man unter Daten CD (ISO) all diese Eigenschaften anpassen):

,,[…]dass unterstützte Medien CD-ROM, CD-R und CD-RW sind. Die CD muss im Standard ISO 9660 Level 2 sowie im Joliet-Dateisystem erstellt werden. Die maximale Dateianzahl je Medium beträgt 512(max. 355 in einem Verzeichnis). Die maximale Anzahl der Verzeichnisse beträgt 255 auf max. 8 Verzeichnisebenen. Dateinamen dürfen nicht länger als 64 Zeichen sein.

Ganz wichtig ist aber die Bitrate: Das Gerät unterstützt MP3 Dateien mit Bitraten von 64 bis 256

Custom Build Guitar 2×12 Stereo Cab

I am really fond of this project I finished. The goal was to build a 2×12 cabinet having a very natural look since I dislike the black Tolex around most cabs. Equipped with Eminence Legends it sounds awesome on my Engl.


I did not have the necessary tools to add a proper backplate so the wires are fitted inside. This is still a WIP though once I have access to the right tools.


My cat approved